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I take photography seriously

Why am I writing thia memo to you

It's because each one of you is a person, an individual with unique photographic needs. I specialize in portraits, sports and fashion. I would like very much to help ensure that you get precisely what you need when it's time to hire an experienced photographic company to effectively and consistently produce good work. Our policy is to produce the best photographic work possible and by doing this our customers will always be pleased. Our work is always guaranteed. Accumulated experience is the key to good business policy. This also holds true when one looks for a good photographer. I look forward to serving you in the future.




 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad vs James Scott in Rahway State Prison
 Atiya Ameedah ABdAllah

 Karriem ABdAllah Photography

Established Practice terms and conditions

Business Hours: Monday through Sunday, 24 hour service. I will take as many exposures as needed to complete my assignment and produced the exposures into a proof sheet or CD for your view.

Production Time: Black & White or Color at time of shoot in a 24 hour period or a time we schedule.

Delivery Service: Normally finished work at time of shoot or will be mailed by First Class or delivered by United Parcel Service, FedEx or Messenger Service which will be billed at Standard Messenger rates. Unless customer pick up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Customer has exclusive use of any pictures of their photo shot unless other wise stated by photographer.                                                                                                                          Credit Terms: All invoices are net 30 days interest rates according to State Laws.


 Karriem ABdAllah Photography

Entertainment Headshots

1 or 2 looks-$275.00 to $475.oo (Package A)

Which includes, 2 changes, retouching 2-8x10 B&W or color pictures, consultation prepartory to photo shot, 1 hour limit, copies of picture on CD in HD.

3-4 Looks-$675.00 to $875.00

Which includes, 4 changes, Makeup Artist & Hair stylish, retouching 4-8x10 pictures B&W or Color, consultation preparatory to photo shot, 2-hour limit, copies of pictures on CD in HD.                                                                                                                                                   (A) Hair stylish and Makeup artist is additional with 1st package.

(B) Hourly rates after original time is $250.00 an hour.

(C) 4 hours (half day) $1,000.00

(D) 8 hours (full day) $2,000,00

(E) Additional copies of selected pictures are $75.00 each.

(F) Rates change according to assignments.

(G) Customer is allowed to bring Hair stylist and Makeup artist.

(H) The price for each additional retouched picture is $75.00.

(I) Half deposit is required before shot.

(J) Pricing change according to assignments.


 Karriem ABdAllah Photography

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