James Cheatham

        Sensei James Cheatham

                           My Teacher

 Sensei James Cheatham but he did not mind us calling him Chee Chee. My only beloved teacher. I first met Sensei in the summer of 1963. I was 17 years old. I remember walking up those long and scary steps leading to his dojo, it was on the 2nd floor. You could hear the loud sounds of students training. I remember entering his office, he looked up and said can I help you? My reply, I want to learn karate. At that point I looked to my right, I witness a very big and strong looking man fighting a much smaller student. That big guy was whipping his butt. I said to the teacher, I don't want to join if I have to fight that guy. Sensei Cheatham reply was don't worry about that, when you start training one day you will be as good as he. My reply ok. He than gave me an application and instructions on how to fill it out. That was the beginning of my karate life. Sensei was a very dedicated instructor and I loved him for the life he instilled in me for then and forever more. If my teacher was here today I would never leave his side, for me Chee Chee was my only guide. My teacher gave me pride, a way of life and the skills of karate. To his family, I loved your father.