Documentary Trailer

From Director Troy Thomas comes an exciting documentary about the legendary martial artist - Karriem AbdALLAH - (formerly Karriem Allah) creator of the KA System, the first martial art system created by an American - titled, Al Mu'assis - The Story of Karriem AbdALLAH.

Long over due,  the world can finally get a taste of what Karriem brought to the martial arts table.  Now martial artists, fans, etc., will learn about where certain things came from and how some things came to be in this Martial Arts game.

Director Troy Thomas and Karriem AbdALLAH will be taking this documentary to film festivals in 2023 but we need a little help on that part.

We are asking those who believe in this project and would like to see this exciting legendary story come to fruition to donate towards festival submissions, travel, lodging, and other production expenses so we can complete this journey in 2023.  

We also need help toward promo to cover expenses associated with attending a big Martial Arts event in Atlantic City at the end of this month.  

We will be doing some more shooting in Atlantic City and will have the likes of Michael Jai White, Legendary Kick Boxing Heavyweight Champion Jeff Smith, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, etc., interviewed for this film.

We need about $3,000 toward this goal and we humbly seek your support.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.

Thank you,

Team Karriem AbdALLAH