Hard Point Karate

         Karriem ABdAllah



 Hard Point Karate is a very exciting contact sport. It electrifying action captivates its audience. This sport has grown in its popularity throughout the years, just ask yourself, what child does not like karate matches on their computer, movies, television and video games. Now its time for this outstanding sport to be showcased national and internationally through television and Pay Per View Audience. I want to cradle the best fighters in the World to stage great championship fights. Every sport in America and out had a beginning. Now its time for Hard Point Karate and its splendor to merge.

Promoted shows:

April 19,1997
Hard Point Karate World Championships "The Eliminator"

June 29,1997
Hard Point Karate WWKA Championships

September 20, 1997
Hard Point Karate World Championships "King of The Hill"

December 13 ,1997
Hard Point Karate World Championships "Showdown"

March 26, 1998
Hard Point Karate WWKA World Championships "The Explosion"

July 23, 1998
Hard Point Karate WWKA Championships "The Good, The Better.The Best"

January 14,1999
Hard Point Karate World Championships "The Experts"

June 26,1999
Hard Point Karate World Championships "The Battle"

 Omar K. ABdAllah

WWKA Light Heavyweight Champion

           The 1st WWKA Champion

Retired undefeated

 Omar ABdAllah winning the WWKA Hard Point Light Heavyweight Tital
 Former Newark, New Jersey Council members giving Omar a Resolution

 Eddie Butcher Jr.

The 2nd WWKA Light Heavyweight Champion

June 20,1999. Khalil Ismail vs Eddie Butcher Jr. on the right the WWKA Lt.Heavyweight Champ. There face to face before Butcher stoped Ismail in the 2nd round. This was Butchers first tital defense.

 Eddie Butcher WWKA Light Heavyweight Champ

 Olando Rivera

The 3rd WWKA Light Heavyweight Champion

 Olando Rivera on the attack 


 David Longhorn the WWKA Cruiserweight Champion

Retired undefeated

 Reginald Goode was the first WWKA Middleweight Champ, Reginald retired undefeated. Outstanding fighter.

 Reginald Goode vs Peter Kaljevic for his WWKA Middleweight Tital.

Reginald won by decision

 Reginald Goode

The Champ

 Ring Girl

 Ruben Colon the WWKA Heavyweight Champion

Retired undefeated

 Ruben Colon defending his WWKA Heavyweight Tital against Michael Wheat. Michael had Colon down in the 1st round but the second round belong to Colon. Colon won by a TKO in the 2nd round.

 Bennie LIttle Jr. the WWKA Welterweight Champ

Retired undefeated

 Malik Shepard the first WWKA Cruierweight Champ

 Anwar Sabree was the first Hard Point Karate Heavyweight Champion

Sabree retired undefeated he defend his tital 4 times
His instructor Master Robert Dickerson

 Anwar Sabree with Hard Point Karate Championship Belt above his head on left Master Robert Dickerson his trainer on right promoter AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah.

 Anwar Sabree was not just the first Hard Point Karate Heavyweight Champ he retired being undefeated what an accomplishment. This was full contact karate.

 Kevin Jones was an oustanding Hard Point Karate fighter had he entered karate tournaments he would have been a World Class Fighter. 

 Kevin Jones in action. Kevin won this hard earn bout. Both fighters were rough. Kevin is from Newark, New Jersey.

Kevin used The Full Tilt Reverse Punch which help him to be successful in Hard Point Karate. That punch was created by AL-Mu'assis (Creator of The KA System).

 Anwar Sabree vs Mike Morrison for the WWKA Heavyweight  Hard Point Championship

 Anwar Sabree after defeating Mike Morrison