Karriem vs Smith

 The saga of our lifetime

         on the undercard of 

    The Thrilla in Manila

            Tuesday September 20,1975


 Karriem ABdAllah/Don King promoter & Jeff Smith at press conference

 Karriem ABdAllah & Don King at press conference

 Karriem ABdAllah just before his bout with Jeff Smith

 Jeff and Karriem in action, this was an 11 round World Karate Full Contact Championship.

       This Championship bout is historic

 These pictures has never been published

 Karriem ABdAllah and Jeff Smith made history.

 This was a Don King Promotion

This bout was the undercard bout of The WBA Heavyweight Championship

   Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

 Karriem ABdAllah drives Jeff Smith back with a strong Front Kick, both fighters were explosive.

 Both Jeff and I was as strong as a lion that night.

 Karriem ABdAllah and Jeff Smith in a clench.

      ABdAllah vs Smith had much action.

 Karriem ABdAllah vs Jeff Smith

 Karriem ABdAllah and Jeff Smith at press conference with Roberto Duran and opponent with promoter Don King.

 ABdAllah vs Smith went down in the history books. That September 30,1975 on the greatest stage one can have, to fight for a contact World Championship in front of 60 countries around the World. 


 The under card of The Thrilla in Manila

        The Saga of our Lifetime

             Karriem ABdAllah

 Karriem ABdallah and Roberto Duran, we fought on the same card. Roberto was the WBA Lightweight World Boxing Champion. This was at the press conference. This was a Don King Production.

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