KA System students

 Clarence Boone was only a Brown Belt but the magizine saw it fitting to put him on the cover because of his outstanding fighting style which is The Mix Up from The KA System of Karate.

Nashid Abdul Wasi
Mudarris Nashid Abdul Wasi
Wazr Jerry Stewart
Jerry Stewart
Yasim Salaam
Clarence Boone
Happy Crump
Zachary Scott
Rabb Salahuddin Ibn Mutakabbir
Omar Karriem ABdAllah
Bryant Everett
Edward Thompson
James Dickey
Mylo Thompson
Tmothy G.Screven
Tiney Pringle
Raymond Wilkins
Kevin Jeff Brown Thompson
Otto Hill
Curtis Williams
Richard Denby
Fred Mitchell
Irfaan Farid ABdAllah
Ray L. Callier
Louis Roberson