Legends of Karate

 The Late Professor Ronald D.Duncan

    June 5,1937 to November 19,2012

      Father of American Nin Jitsu

Creator of: Way of the Wind Martial Arts System

Visit his site: www.wayofthewinds.com

 Professor Ronald Ducan

Father of American Nin jitsu

Creator of: Way of the Wind Martial Arts System

Visit his site: www.wayofthewinds.com

The late Professor Ronald D.Duncan

June 5,1937 to November 19,2012

 The late GrandMaster George Cofield (Tong Dojo)                                                            Shotokan

                        Passed:March 22,2001

Tong Dojo

The founder of the Tong was Mr George Cofield. He started his training with Mr Maynard Minor who from rumors have it that he was a junior ina class with Okazaki in Japan. Training in Brooklyn, New York on Utica Avenue, sensei honed his skill under the watchful eye of Mayor sensei. His ability to adopt to the techniques of karate made him eager to have his own dojo. With the help of the Solowitz Bros a moving firm at the time near Snyder Avenue & Utica  sensei formed his first line. The founders sensei students were to my best memory was. Mr Benny Pugh, Mr Paul Harris and Curt Blackwood. The school on Snyder and any other school sensei opened was never of one ethic group. I Thomas Carroll Lapuppet joined that group in 1959.

Looking to expand his operation sensei taught in St. John's Recreation Center and then opened a school on Fulton and Rockaway Avenue. This school was known as The Brooklyn School of Self Defense. At this location Alex Sternberg, Dwight (Hawk) Frazer, Bob Shapoff, Speedy Leacock, Bill Swift, George Young and many other well known athletes found their foundation in the art. Always looking to expand to a better location, the school needed to grow. Moving to Flatbush & St. Marks Avenue , the Tond Dojo was formed as the legend grew, but that's a tale for another time...

LaPuppet, Sensei

Any names or information left out was not intentional ...40 years is a long time to remember.

This information was given to AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah Thursday July 23,1998. He was my commentator for a Hard Piont Karate Championship I promoted. It was a snow storm but Thomas still came to my show. Before his passing we spent much time in telephone conversations. 





GrandMaster George Cofield as head instructor made this the most outstanding dojo in all of New York. Tongs dojo produced champions after champion. Master Thomas LaPuppet, Dwight(Hawk)Frazier, The Walder twins, Speedy an so many others. If you know the names of others kindly e-mail that information to, kahpk@optonline.net.

     The late Dr. Moses Powell

                     (10th Degree Black Belt)

          Creator of Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu System

The late Dr. Moses Powell

Creator of The Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu System

 The late Kyoshi Ronald Victor Austin

    Creator of The Jaribu System of Martial Arts

                      10th Degree Black Belt

                 A pioneer in the Karate World

    Born November 29,1934  Passed: March 2,1998

             Visit his site: www.truejaribu.com

The late GrandMaster Peter Urban

10th Degree Black Belt in American Gojo

 The late GrandMaster Ed Parker was the President and Founder of  the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A.) He was also called the father of American Karate.

 GrandMaster Gary Alexander

               10th Degree Black Belt

                   Isshin Ryu Plus

Shihan won Mas Oyama Championship

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 GrandMaster Steve Muhammad 10th Degree Black Belt

                 Wo Ying Chuan Kenpo


 GrandMaster Russell Perron

              9th Degree Black Belt

                     Tae Kwan Do


 GrandMaster Robert Dickerson 

                9th Degree Black Belt

                  Universal Martial Art

     Visit his site: www.unitycommunity.com  
     Visit site: universal_pasha_karate_school.htm



The late Master Fred Hamilton

 Master Linda Ramzy Ranson

           8th Degree Black Belt in Fuji Ryu

 GrandMaster Jeff W.Smith

 The late GrandMaster Joe Lewis

 The late GrandMaster Joe Lewis

 The late Master Leon Wallace

System: USA Gojo

 GrandMaster Henry Cho

Tae Kwan do

The late Master Thomas La Puppet

Tongs dojo (Shotakan)

Hall of Fame fighter 

Tong Dojo

Profile: Thomas LaPuppet


Started Judo in North Africa in 1957 while in the Marine Corps.

Studied Judo in the United States with Elliot Farrell top judo instructor in Brooklyn. classes were held in the Lions den at the St. John Recreation Center early 1959. Trained under Mr Visitacion in Ju Jitsu and then with Ronald Duncan Chief Ninja trainer in street Self-Defense. Met Sensei George Cofield Shotokan Karate instructor at the St. John's Center later in 1959 and joined his Snyder Avenue dojo. In 4 years earned his Black Belt under Sensei Cofield, training 7 days a week 4 hours per session. In 1968 was voted as one of the Top 50 fighters in the World and one of the Top Ten in The United States. In 1969 was the second fighter in the World voted into the black Belt Hall of Fame. I was the First African American to receive this distinction.

I was the President of the USA Karate group of New York
National Treasurer for the USA Karate Federation. This groupgot karate into the Pan-American Games.
Senior Coach for the National Program and a former PUKO referee.
Former member of the World Karate Organizing Committee (110 Countries).
Member of the New World Karate Confederation.
Member of the New York Sports Alliance.
Member of the Brooklyn Sports Foundation
Retired 1st Sgt.USMCR 1977 (22 years)
Retired New York City City Fire Department 1982 (20 years)
Past personal body guard for Donald Trump & family

Past trainer of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

 Master George Young

Shodokan Karate

Learned under The late Grandmaster George Cofield

Master Dwight Frazier

              (The Hawk)

       Tong dojo shotokan

The late Master Fred Miller

System: Gojo

The late GrandMaster Masutatsu Oyama aka Mas Oyama was the founder of Kyokushinkai Karate.

The late GrandMaster Gogen Yamaguchi (Japanese Goju Kai)
                                    (The Cat Man)

 Professor Robert Brown

Kung Fu

 Bennett vs The late Fred Miller


The late Master William Oliver (Kenshikaikan Karate)

The late Master Joe Versocki

The late Master Happy(Robot)Crump

The KA System of Karate

 Dwight(Hawk)Frazier vs Toyotaro Miyazaki

Town Hall

New York, NY

I saw this match Frazier won this bout but was never given the decision.

 Kendo/Superb kata

 Dr.Khemfoia T. Pardu

 Shidoshi Ron Van Clief

              Chinese Goju System

 The late Master Ron E. Jeter sr.

                     (Master Breaker)

                                    Pass October 21,1999  

 Master Sam McGee

          Harlem Gojo

 GrandMaster Bill Wallace

 Master Felix Vasquez

 The late Master Louis Delgado

Nisei Karate

Instructor The late Master Frank Ruiz


 Owen Watson aka Charles Song, Owen was a very good fighter his instructor the late Master Frank Ruiz & the late Master Pete Siringano. Master Ron Van Clief was also a student of Master Frank Ruiz.